matt orlando, ceo

Plays the game by his own rules.

matt orlando

Matt loves the game. He loves the tireless work, the team camaraderie, the (sometimes) friendly competition, and… and the expressive, fist-pumping, fan-crazed mayhem that comes with the goal.

What? Football (well, soccer in these parts) is his personal passion. Although, it seems to have a lot in common with marketing communications and the values he brings to tag. Sound marketing is another beautiful game he can’t get enough of.

So, 20 years ago Matt had a goal in mind: set out to create an agency with a truly integrated philosophy. He built tag to be a place where departments are seamless, where cross-functional expertise is the norm, and where ideas are born anywhere. However, his goal wasn’t just to start an agency that was about great creative, but about great creative solutions. Since then, he’s worked closely with many of North America’s top brands to fully understand their business objectives and initiate strategic and communications plans that foster growth. Goooooooooaaaaaaaaalll!

And let’s face it. Sometimes the account team is seen running madly up and down the halls.